At this point of time, the Wasatch Center will not be providing any in house catering services. Beverage service will be available, see the rates below. Ice water is complimentary.

Groups are able to arrange food/meal/catering for their events.  A license caterer or restaurants must prepare all food and will need to provide any service ware (i.e. plates, utensils, etc.)  There is no access to a kitchen or a water source, so all food must be prepared offsite and set up ready for service. When the food is delivered, groups are responsible for meeting the license caterer or delivery person in the lobby to provide direction for the meal service.

There is an outside food fee associated with bringing in food to the event.  This fee includes a table set up, extra garbage cans and removal of trash.

Beverage Rates*:
Coffee and Tea $25
Coffee and Tea Refresh $10 refresh
Sodas $1 per soda
*subject to a 21% service charge

Outside Food Fee per Meal

Estimated Attendance            1-49 ppl           50-99 ppl        100-120 ppl
Light Refreshments                   $25.00             $50.00            $75.00
Boxed Meals/Party Trays       $50.00            $75.00             $100.00
Catered Meals                         $75.00             $100.00          $125.00

If you have any questions, please contact Gary at 801-322-4131 or