Commission on Ministry

The functions of Commissions on Ministry specified in the canon are to assist the bishop “in determining present and future needs for ministry in the diocese” and to assist “in enlisting and selecting persons for Holy Orders.”

Commissions are to develop, train, and affirm lay ministries. They interview and assist the bishop in guiding and counseling lay ministers, postulants, candidates, and deacons prior to their ordination as priests. They also assist in matters pertaining to the continuing education of the clergy.

Canon 23 ~ Commission on Ministry

Section 23.1 Duties

23.1.1 The powers, functions and duties of the Commission on Ministry shall be those prescribed in the General Constitution, General Canons and Canons and such other duties as shall be assigned by the Convention and the Bishop.


23.1.2 The Commission on Ministry shall assist the Bishop in the implementation of Title III “Ministry” of the General Canons of the Episcopal Church.  In working for the development and support of the ministries of all baptized persons, clergy and lay, the Commission shall organize itself and collaborate with other Diocesan and parochial entities.

Section 23.2 Membership and Terms

The Commission on Ministry shall consist of six (6) lay persons who are adult Communicants in Good Standing of a Congregation and three (3) Clergy canonically resident and domiciled in the Diocese. The members shall be appointed by the Bishop, subject to confirmation by the Convention with two (2) lay persons and one (1) Clergy appointed and subject to confirmation at each Annual Meeting of the Convention for three (3)-year terms. The Bishop shall be an ex officio member of the Commission on Ministry with seat and voice but not vote.  The Standing Committee may select one of its members to be an ex officio member of the Commission on Ministry with seat and voice, but not vote. A member who has served two (2) consecutive full three (3)-year terms shall not be eligible for re-appointment until one (1) year shall have elapsed.

Section 23.3 Eligibility

No person who has entered the process leading to ordination by the issuance of the canonical certificate (Title III, Canon 4, Section 4(d) of the General Canons of The Episcopal Church) from the Vestry of the Congregation of which he or she is a Communicant shall be eligible for election to the Commission on Ministry.  Any member of the Commission on Ministry who enters the process leading to ordination shall resign, effective the date of the issuance of the canonical certificate.

Section 23.4 Vacancies and Attendance

23.4.1  When a vacancy occurs in the membership of the Commission on Ministry between annual Conventions, the Bishop shall appoint a successor to serve until the next Annual Meeting of the Convention.


23.4.2  Any elected member of the Commission on Ministry missing more than one-third (1/3) of the regularly scheduled meetings in any one (1) year unless excused by the Commission, shall be deemed to have vacated his or her office.

Section 23.5 Officers

The Bishop shall appoint leadership from among the members of the Commission.

Section 23.6 Annual Report

The Commission on Ministry shall annually report in full to the Convention.

Quote from the Bishop

“The Commission On Ministry has the sacred and holy responsibility of assisting and advising the bishop on present and future opportunities and needs of the ministry of all baptized person. In particular, they help to ensure the church that the people who are raised up for and ordained to holy orders are well prepared spiritually, emotionally and academically to serve the church well in making disciples of Jesus for the furtherance of the Gospel.” – Bishop Scott B. Hayashi